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About the European Immunogenicity Platform

The European Immunogenicity Platform acts as a central meeting place for European biopharmaceutical companies and scientific experts active in the area of immunogenicity.

Its mission is to build know-how and expertise in the field of immunogenicity, driven by a close interaction between industry and scientific advisors.

The European Immunogenicity Platform represents companies, institutes and professionals involved in research, development, testing, validation, application, production or marketing of immunogenicity assessment tools, as well as those servicing the biotechnology community.

Its scope is:

  • Interaction with authorities regarding immunogenicity guidelines.
  • Formulate active recommendations regarding immunogenicity.
  • Stimulate research addressing the clinical and non-clinical effects of unwanted immunogenicity.
  • Collaboration between academia and pharmaceutical companies.

The European Immunogenicity Platform aims to build a broad knowledge-base related to immunogenicity, and to stimulate interactions and developments in the broad field of immunogenicity.

Through its working-group structure, the EIP can react in a focused way on regulatory and scientific evolutions in the immunogenicity-field. The European Immunogenicity Platform was created early 2007 by experts in the field of immunogenicity.

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