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Join the EIP

EIP membership is open to companies and institutes based in Europe (US-based companies have to show that they have immunogenicity laboratory facilities in Europe).


Each member company / institute nominates one representative who can attend the general assembly meetings of the EIP.

The member company / institute can send one or more participants to the EIP Working Groups.

NOTE: The person active in the working group is not necessarily the same person as in the general assembly, allowing you to send to most interested / suited person(s) in your company to participate in the discussions and paper writing.

One representative of the member company / institute gets free access to our yearly symposium and a reduced rate on all additional places purchased.


A one time entrance fee of 5,500 € is payable to join the EIP.

Thereafter a yearly renewal membership fee of 1,000 € is due.

How to join

Please download and complete an application form then email it to us.


Membership requests are submitted for Board approval. The Board’s decision is final.

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