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14th Open Scientific EIP Symposium on Immunogenicity of Biopharmaceuticals

26th — 28th April 2023

Lisbon, Portugal

We would like to thank everyone who attended our 14th EIP conference.

For presentations for which we have received approval to publish on our website you will find a download icon in the programme below.

Hoping to meet you at future EIP conferences and always at your disposal for any further information,

Barbara Vercruyssen
Director Finance and Operations
European Immunogencity Platform


Download the program as a PDF

Wednesday, April 26th 2023

Training Course
09:00 Coming together
In-Study Cut-Points
09:15 Practical Advice When and How to Perform in-Study Cut-points
Daniel Kramer, Sanofi
Viswanath Devanarayan, Eisai
10:30 coffee Coffee Break
11:00 Immunogenicity - Always a Concern?
EIP Experts
12:00 cutlery 77 Lunch Break
Assay validation and immunogenicity assessment
13:30 Bring your own problems (break out sessions)
Daniel Kramer, Sanofi
Arno Kromminga, BioNTech
Sebastian Spindeldreher, Integrated Biologix
Sofie Pattijn, ImmunXperts
Sophie Tourdot, Pfizer
Veerle Snoeck, UCB
Gregor Lotz, Roche
Lydia Michaut, Novartis
15:00 coffee Coffee Break
15:30 Continue “Bring your own problems (break out sessions)”
16:30 Close of the Training Course
17:00 18:30 Meeting of the EIP Working Groups
Members of EIP working groups

Thursday, April 27th 2023

09:00 Welcome and introduction by the EIP chairman
Daniel Kramer, Sanofi
09:15 Keynote: Immunogenicity characterization - Anti-brolucizumab immune response as one prerequisite for rare RV/RO adverse events
Michael Gutknecht, Novartis
Session 1: Immunogenicity Assay Strategies
Chair: Veerle Snoeck
10:00 EIP Immunogenicity Strategy Working Group Update
Joanna Grudzinska-Goebel, Bayer on behalf of EIP
10:15 EIP Immunogenicity Assays Working Group Update
Linlin Luo, Merck Sharp & Dome on behalf of EIP
10:30 Singlicate Analysis for Immunogenicity
Johannes Stanta, Celerion
11:00 coffee Coffee Break
11:30 S/N versus Titer to Quasi-Quantify Immunogenicity – Industry Perspective
Daniel Baltrukonis, Pfizer
12:00 S/N versus Titer to Quasi-Quantify Immunogenicity – Statistical Perspective
Viswanath Devanarayan, Eisai
12:30 S/N versus Titer to Quasi-Quantify Immunogenicity – Regulatory Perspective
João Pedras-Vasconcelos, FDA
13:00 cutlery 77 Lunch Break
Session 2: Prediction of Immunogenicity
Chair: Sebastian Spindeldreher
14:00 EIP NCIRA Working Group update
Sebastian Spindeldreher, Integrated Biologix on behalf of EIP
14:30 Number of Donors Needed to Adequately Assess in-vitro Assays
Sofie Denies, SD Analytics
15:00 coffee Coffee Break
15:30 Current FDA thinking on the use of non-clinical tools in Immunogenicity risk Assessments: Possibilities and Challenges
Daniela Verthelyi, FDA
16:00 Opportunities and Challenges in Quantitative Systems Pharmacology: IG Simulator Evaluation
Tim Hickling, Roche
16:30 Standardization of in-vitro Assays
Laurent Malherbe, Eli Lilly
Sofie Pattijn, ImmuneXperts
Session 3: Social Event
Chair: Barbara Vercruyssen
17:30 toast Get Together
23:00 moon stars Good Night

Friday, April 28th 2023

Session 4: Immunogenicity of New Modalities
Chair: Arno Kromminga
09:00 Role of the Innate and Adaptive Immune System to Immunogenicity in Gene Therapy
Laura Salazar-Fontana, NDA
09:30 Aspects of the Immunogenicity Assessment Against mRNA Based Products
Arno Kromminga, BioNTech
10:00 Understanding and Navigating Immune Responses to Cas Proteins Used in Gene Editing
Zuben Sauna, FDA
10:30 coffee Coffee Break
11:15 CAR-T Cell Therapy – Immunogenicity
Lydia Michaut, Novartis
11:45 cutlery 77 Lunch Break
Session 5: Clinical Relevance of Immunogenicity
Chair: Gregor Lotz
13:00 Integrated PK/PD/ADA Approach Instead of NAb Assays
Karin Nana Weldingh, NovoNordisk
13:30 Characterization of ADA Responses of T-cell engager drugs to Understand Impact on Exposure and Activity
Gregor Lotz, Roche
Session 6: Regulatory
Chair: Daniel Kramer
14:00 Nonclinical Immunogenicity Risk Assessment from Regulatory Perspective
Tatjana Petkovic, Swissmedic
14:30 Feedback of Health Agencies to EIP member companies: a survey analysis
Lydia Michaut, Novartis on behalf of the EIP assay working group
15:00 Conference Summary & Outlook by the EIP Chairman
Daniel Kramer, Sanofi
15:15 Close of the conference


We are very happy to have the support of these sponsors for this year’s Symposium.


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