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15th Open Scientific EIP Symposium on Immunogenicity of Biopharmaceuticals

22nd — 24th April 2024

Lisbon, Portugal

We look forward to seeing you in Lisbon for another great conference.

Hotel accommodation

Hotel photo
Altis Grand Hotel

The conference venue. Special rates have been negotiated for conference attendees. Please book via the link for these rates to be applied.


Rua Castilho 11
1269-072 Lisboa

+351 21 310 6000
Hotel photo
Ibis Lisboa Centro Liberdade

Just next door to the conference venue, a 2 minute walk.


Rua Barata Salgueiro 53
1250-043 Lisboa

GPS:38.720182, -9.150316

+351 21 330 0630
Hotel photo
Avani Avenida Liberdade Lisbon Hotel

A 10 minute walk to the conference venue.


Rua Júlio César Machado 7/9
1250-135 Lisboa

GPS: 38.720430, -9.147490

Hotel photo
Ibis Styles Lisboa Centro Marquês de Pombal

A 15 minute walk to the conference venue.


Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo 5
1069-114 Lisboa

Sponsoring opportunities

Our annual symposium is the perfect place for your organisation to promote your products and services to an audience of scientific experts active in the area of immunogenicity. The sponsor package includes:

  • a booth at the conference hotel
  • a free page in the brochure containing the conference agenda
  • free entrance to the meeting for 2 delegates from your company
  • full access to the conference including the scientific presentations
  • two free invitations to the social event

Package prices:

  • for members of the European Immunogenicity Platform: 5,000 €
  • for non-members of the European Immunogenicity Platform: 10,000 €

Please email Barbara Vercruyssen if you wish to sponsor the event

After registering as a sponsor, you will receive an invoice. Upon settlement of this invoice, the sponsoring is accepted. The next step is then to provide us with:

  • Your company details and contact person’s name, phone number and email address
  • A visual (photo/image/logo) from your organisation
  • The URL of your website
  • An optional YouTube embed URL


  • Deadline for material submission: 15th March 2024
  • Deadline for delivery of booth material to site: 1st April 2024
  • Material to be shipped to: Altis Grand Hotel, R. Castilho 11, 1269-072 Lisboa, Portugal
  • Phone: +351 21 310 6000
  • For the attention of: Claudia
  • Conference: EIP, 22-24, 2024 (contact: Barbara Vercruyssen)

Click here to download a PDF with details of the sponsoring package

 The deadline for sponsoring is 31st January 2024



Wednesday, April 22nd 2024

Workshop Day
09:00 Coming Together
Immunogenicity Risk Assessment
09:15 Consolidated EIP Proposal for Immunogenicity Risk Assessment
Veerle Snoeck, Joanna Grudzinska Goebel on behalf of EIP
10:15 coffee Coffee Break
In-silico and in-vitro Assays as Part of the Immunogenicity Risk Assessment
10:45 Immunogenicity potential assessment at Novartis
Anette Karle, Novartis
11:15 Immunogenicity potential assessment at Pfizer
Sophie Tourdot, Pfizer
11:45 Design and Implementation of a Risk-Based Strategy for Reducing Immunogenicity Risk of Protein Therapeutics
Karen Heyninck (to be confirmed), Sanofi
12:15 cutlery 77 Lunch
13:30 Bring Your own Problems (Breakout Sessions)
Daniel Kramer, Sanofi
Arno Kromminga, BioNTech
Sebastian Spindeldreher, Integrated Biologix
Sofie Pattijn, ImmunXperts
Sophie Tourdot, Pfizer
Veerle Snoeck, UCB
Tim Hickling, Roche
Lydia Michaut, Novartis
15:00 coffee Coffee Break
15:30 Continue “Bring Your own Problems (Breakout Sessions)”
16:30 Closing of the Workshop Day
17:00 – 18:30 Meeting of the EIP Working Groups
Members of EIP working groups

Thursday, April 23rd 2024

09:00 Welcome and Introduction by the EIP Chairman
Daniel Kramer, Sanofi
09:15 Spotlight Presentations: MHC Class I and its Importance for the Immunogenicity of Novel Modalities
Morten Nielsen, Technical University of Denmark
Zuben Sauna, FDA
Session 2: Prediction of Immunogenicity
Chair: Sebastian Spindeldreher
10:15 EIP NCIRA Working Group Update
Sebastian Spindeldreher, Integrated Biologix on behalf of EIP
10:30 Immunogenicity: It’s Personal
Annie de Groot, EpiVax
11:00 coffee Coffee Break
Short Talks
(15 minutes each)
11:30 High-Sensitive MAPPS Analysis for High-Confident Immunogenicity Risk Assessment
Elise Pepermans, ImmuneSpec
11:45 Expanding the MAPPs Assay to MHC-II-DR, -DP and –DQ Receptors
Axel Ducret, Roche
12:00 Immunogenicity of Therapeutic Antibodies: Role of Aggregation in T Lymphocyte Response
Marc Pallardy, INSERM
12:15 cutlery 77 Lunch Break
13:30 QSP Modeling Immunogenicity: Predicting the Efficacy of Methotrexate in Decreasing Incidence and Prevalence of Anti-Drug Antibodies
Catherine Weathered, Pfizer
14:00 Naive and Memory FVIII-Specific Regulatory and Conventional CD4 T Cells Share Common Epitopes in Healthy Individuals
Bernard Maillere, CEA
Session 3: Immunogenicity Assays
Chair: Veerle Snoeck
14:30 EIP Immunogenicity Assays Working Group Update
Linlin Luo, Merck Sharp & Dome on behalf of EIP
14:45 coffee Coffee Break
15:15 Domain Characterization of Bi-specifics in the ADA and in the NAb Assay
Issa Jyamubandi, Resolian Bioanalytics
15:45 Case study: Developing an ADA assay with enhanced Free Drug Tolerance for Octreotide
René Wuttke, Debiopharm
16:15 Phase-appropriate implementation of a domain specificity strategy
Matthias Reichel, BioAgilytix
16:45 The IVDR and its Impact on Clinical Immunogenicity Assay Development
Robert Nelson, BioAgilytix
Session 3: Social Event
Chair: Barbara Vercruyssen
18:00 multiple 11 Get Together
23:00 moon stars Good Night

Friday, April 24th 2024

Session 4: Immunogenicity of New Modalities
Chair: Arno Kromminga
09:00 Development of an ELISpot Assay for the Assessment of AAV Peptides to Examine Immune Safety
Alison Johnson, Boehringer Ingelheim
09:30 Immunogenicity Risk Assessment for mRNA/LNP Therapies
Joanna Grudzinska Goebel, Bayer
10:00 Total or Neutralizing Antibodies Against Adeno-Associated Virus, What is the Best
Sabrina Lory, UCB
10:30 Orthogonal Approach for AAV Immunogenicity Assessment: Evaluating Total and Neutralizing Antibodies
Anna Karaszewska (to be confirmed), SVAR
11:00 coffee Coffee Break
Session 5: Clinical Relevance of Immunogenicity
Chair: Lydia Michaut
11:30 Overcoming Magic Bullet Approaches for Immune Tolerance Induction for Complex Diseases: Application to Immunogenicity of Biological Therapeutics
Amy Rosenberg, EpiVax
12:00 ADA Monitoring Strategy for Repetitive High Doses of Biologics Therapies: Efficiently Integrating Scientific, Technical, and Regulatory Aspects
Maria Jadhav, Novartis
12:30 The Wonderful World of Immunogenicity; Scientific Understanding, Clinical Relevance, and Regulatory Necessity
Floris Loeff, Sanquin
13:00 cutlery 77 Lunch Break
Short Talks
(15 minutes each)
14:15 Drug T Cell Reactivity in Delayed Type Hypersensitivity – Evaluation with Cyto-LTT
Lester Thoo, ADR-AC
14:30 Evaluating Immediate Type Drug Allergy and Immunostimulation in Vitro with the Basophil Activation Test (BAT)
Daniel Yerli, ADR-AC
Session 6: Regulatory
Chair: Daniel Kramer
14:45 To be determined
15:30 To be determined
16:00 Conference Summary & Outlook by the EIP Chairman
Daniel Kramer, Sanofi
16:15 Close of the conference
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